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2010-05-10 - 6:02 p.m.

Dennis took a motorcycle trip from LA to Cabo. He arrived there on Saturday, 8 day trip.
He called yesterday to say that he was moving his ticket up to come home early.
He did not say that it was because he missed anyone.. He did say however that it was good to hear my voice. I didn't miss him too terribly either. I came across his photo twice while dusting and missed him then, and then when he called and left a message I missed him. The boys say that they miss him but hope he will stay the rest of the week. I think we are all enjoying a break from each other.
I took the boys to Seaside on Friday Saturday with Aunt Ruby. They had a great time.. swimming in the pool, playing in the sand and shopping the little gift shops. They also rode some rides, including bumper cars.

On Sunday, mothers day, I took the boys to Enchanted forest and we closed the place down. Riding more rides and looking at the story book houses and towns. The rode the roller coaster 9 times all by their selves! ( I wasn't about to get on.)

Today Kasyl asked me about where you go when you die. I tried to give him the best answer that I could, opting for the "angle in heaven" explanation. Dennis would not have liked that but I think everyone deserves a little hope.
He will decide on his own someday.

I prefer to think that there is more.


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