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2010-01-06 - 1:54 p.m.

I was wondering how long it has been since I have written and it turns out that it was my fathers birthday last March.

I don't know what that means, but to say that I have lost most of the last 10 months because I will never remember them otherwise.

I got the idea to come back to this site because I began the novel 13 moons. It is wonderful, and the man keeps a journal.

So much is lost when not recorded in a journal. This I realize most when I go back and read these entries... I am surprised every time at how much I have forgotten.

Let me begin with Christmas.
The boys are five years old and believe, I mean really really believe in Santa Claus. But to them he is not some magical creature that can perform amazing things, but simply a really nice man that comes to their house on Christmas and gives them presents.

Kasyl insisted in waiting in a really long line at the mall to tell Santa what he wanted. I could see both he and Thayne explaining in great detail what they wished for.

When they were done I asked them what they told him, and they said they forgot but that he said he would see what he could do.

I tried to push the matter, but they both insisted that I didn't need to know.

After Christmas Kasyl let me know that Santa didn't bring him anything that he asked for.
Thayne said that he loved all that Santa got for him.

Kasyl wanted a robotic, remote control lego set. Very expensive I imagine, but mostly way out of his age group.

As I spend a lot of time assembling legos for them I am really glad that I didn't have to spend hours and hours putting together a robotic, remote control set!

I told him that Santa probably thought he could use a bike more and he seemed fine with that. Last year I remember Kasyl was mad at Santa for not wrapping the presents that he brought.

This year he asked if Santa had the same gift tags as us. I told him that lots of people have those same gift tags.

I was wise enough to use different paper, but didn't pay enough attention to the details I guess.

I am afraid that this is probably that last year that they will believe.

On a sad note, Dennis's dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July.
He is undergoing treatment, but a year is all that he has been given hope for.
We are six months in to that.

I hope and pray that he proves them wrong.

If not, Dad I guess you will get a chance to meet him. I hope you like him.

I love you.


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