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2010-09-08 - 3:10 p.m.

I thought it had been at least a year since I wrote in here and I looked back and it was only May. I have no memory of writing then. It's amazing how much we lose from our memory if it were not for pictures.. and diary's. I must must must remember to write in here more often.

The boys are in kindergarten again. Since Dennis pulled them out last year I decided to put them back in this year rather than have them struggle in first grade.

It just started to rain and the weather is quickly turning "fall like" even though it is technically summer until Sept 21st.

My step mother is in town from Arkansas. I think it has been about 5 years since I have seen her.
Time flies when your step mom's a bitch.

I invited her out to dinner but it turns out that when you get old you don't drive if it could possibly get dark outside while you are behind the wheel. God save me from this affliction.

I don't mind the getting wrinkled and ugly half as much as I hate the getting helpless part.

My mother, mother in law, aunt, and step mother drive me crazy with their inability to cope with everyday life.

I guess the joke will be on me someday...who knows.

The boys will be home from school soon and they will be excited to see that I have made good on my promise and made blackberry cobbler out of the berries that they picked yesterday.

I also intend to make ice cream.

They will be in heaven.

And speaking of heaven...
We were going to OMSI this last weekend and my son Kasyl asked my husband (the born again atheist) if you could see when you die. I said "yes, you get to see all of the people that you love that have died." and my husband said: "No, it is just nothingness when you die... dark, blank." and my sweet little six years old said:
"Mom is right Dad, I know. She is right and you are wrong! Dieing won't be too bad if you get to see people that you love that died."

I don't know why my husband thinks it's OK to tell my son there is a Santa Claus but that he should have to face up to his beliefs about death at such a young age.


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