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2008-05-27 - 2:53 p.m.

I thought it had been months since I was in here, but it turns out it was just two months.
My daughter married in Tahoe. It made me cry not to be invited.
Dennis suggested that I take her out and get her an outfit.
She came up to show me her dress, and it just wasn't flattering to her.
I took her to lloyd center and bought her several outfits and had the time of my life.
She looked beautiful! It made her feel much better about her self also.
The stress was really getting to her.
I had a roses sent to her hotel room so that she would have something to carry.
My daughter in law took photos and Mysti looked very beautiful.
I am so proud of the woman she has become.
I am giving her a party this weekend and I want everything to be perfect for her.
My stupid sister in law called and asked if her son could have his graduation party at my house at the same time.
I said "you are kidding, right?" and she said "No, the sisters will be up this weekend and they won't be able to come to his graduation party so I thought we could have an (last name) thing while they were up."
I left it at that, and spoke to my other sister in law whom said that she would talk to Lynn and straighten in up.
Well evidentally she didn't, because yesterday Lynn called me and said, "I would like to help pay for the party, afterall, it is Kevin's party too."
I then told her that Mysti has over 100 guest coming more than half I don't know, and most she didn't know and that this was my only daughters wedding.
Lynn then said. "Oh, can I come early and help then?"
I said "I don't know what you envision, but I can do no more than a cake in his honor and maybe a table set up for his gifts."
She said that was ok.
Then my husband said that his brother told him that he was going to bring Kevin's senior project (a movie) and play it for the party.
This is so stupid, I can't get over them down playing my daughters reception.
So then the father in law calls and says that his anniversary is the next day and he would like to invite some of his friends and has a toast for his 55 anniversary.
So I call Mysti and she says, "this kind of hurts my feelings, but I guess it is OK." I think what we need to do is have Dennis's birthday also, and mabye a barmitzvah, and haven't you had that goat for about a year? perhaps we can cellebrate his anniversay at the same time. "
Then my son in law said: I think it's great, let's do Christmas and Easter too, and then we won't have to see each other for another year."
I came up with the following solution:
Called my sister in law (the good one, not the stupid offender.) and we have arranged for a surprise anniversary, graduation party the night before.
End of story.


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