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2008-03-07 - 12:43 p.m.

I feel that I must say that Christmas with the boys was wonderful Even though it was 2.5 months ago.
They were so impressed with Santa Claus.
When they finally went to be Christmas eve I was putting on my shoes to head out to the cottage to get their presents and Dennis shut out all the lights. We were both standing in the dark in the living room and that is when I had to tell him...
"There is no Santa Claus, WE are Santa Claus... so turn on the light, we have work to do."
He says..."Oh" and then he says: "do you need my help?"
Well were were up until 1 am putting toys together and wrapping them.
He put together a train set, complete with a table with drawers for track storage. And I put together a Kitchen.
We were beat in the morning but the boys enthusiam really kept us going.
The evening we spent at Bob and Lynn's. We had dinner with Lynns' family. Dennis and I were on a card table in the vegitarian section of the room... which I might add is next to the homosexual section of the table, which gave us easy access to the lover boys' awesome cauliflower cassarole. (can't spell that to save my life)
Dennis's dad kept putting some bacon dip in our faces saying "taste this, you can eat around the bacon" and laughing. Dennis was getting madder and madder so I finally took a big scoop and shoved it in my mouth and asked his dad if he was happy. That pretty much shocked everyone but it ended the taunting.
Christmas day it snowed, and it was beautiful. The boys were really excited and it was incredible.
I thought of it as a gift from you Dad.
Rocky had been over Christmas eve to celebrate with us, but we never did see mysti for Christmas. She is still pissed at Dennis for giving her shit on her last visit. I had to bring her presents to her. And to tell you the truth... to this day March 7th, she has not been back. Damn him for his quirky, spoiled, controlling bullshit.
I told mysti that I wanted to give him a labotomy sometimes, she said "Do it while he is asleep... I understand the brain feels no pain."
Mysti called yesterday and said that she was going to get married during spring break. I am afraid to act happy about it because it has been 8 years in the making and I don't want the jinx it.
I did tell kyle that it was time he made an honest woman of my daughter and de-basturdized the dog.



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