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2008-08-26 - 9:17 p.m.

After my mother left, my father moved us around as much as seven times in one year. At one point we were living in Woodburn in some shitty apartments.
I rarely went to school because my there was no one there to make me do so.
My father either left for work before we woke up and came home after we fell asleep, or he never came home at all. We knew he had been there because he left a few dollars on the television from time to time. I am not clear as to whether he left it for us, or if he was just unloading his pockets.
At one point he had no come home for several weeks and I was to find out later that he was in jail for a bar fight,
he never told anyone that he had kids at home, and it was probably a good thing that he didn't or we would of probably ended up in foster homes and not seen each other again.
When he was gone for this long period of time we were locked out of our apartment by the landlord because he did not pay the rent. The man told us that he was going to call JDH and have us put away, so we stayed out of sight for a while. There was a field with fruit trees in it next to the complex and we ate cherries and apples and slept under the trees during the day. At night we stayed in an all night laurdry matt and played around with the wheeled baskets. When we got tiredc of the fruit I would walk down to the thriftway and steal a box of cereal or a jar of honey. What ever had my curiousity piqued. I remember stealing space sticks once. They were these nasty tasting tootsie roll type sticks that the astronauts suposidly took into space with them to wash down with Tang.
I remember the day that he pulled back into the driveway with his volkswagon beetle. We came running across the field and were so glad to see him. I never did doubt that he would be back though, and that's a fact. Not because he had such a great track record, but mostly because I was a child of seven and I believed in my father.

One day at school there were these two girls playing checkers, a little spanish girl and a little russian girl. I asked them if I could play and the little spanish girl said: "No because you have holes under your armpits." I lifted my arms to look and I was surprised to find that my sleeves were held on by only a few inched of seam. I had evidentally grown out of my clothes to the point of tearing out the arm pits.
I went home and told my father the next time that I saw him.
He didn't say anything, but a couple of days later there were these two yellow easter dresses on the couch for my sister and I. I put on that dress and went to school, and I think I wore it everyday until there was hardly anything left of it. I must have looked rediculious in an Easter Dress for days on end. It was probably not even Easter when he bought was likely something that he found on a sale rack, but then again maybe not.
He was really not sure what to do when it came to keeping kids.


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