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2007-04-02 - 10:42 p.m.

I am on vacation, which means that I am watching the boys while Dennis goes to the gym and baja fresh and home depot three times a day. Today I went to pizza with george and ruby and rocky, mysti, and kyle. Dennis was pissed when I got home because he said that I didn't tell him that rocky and mysti were going ... What the F?
Do I have to have his permission to see my own kids? He left at 2:30 and stayed gone until 8:30. I called him to tell him that the electrical engineer stopped by and he said"what do you need?" He was really rude. When he came home at 8:30 I left and stayed gone two hours. Surprisingly he left the porch light on. I am now on the couch. Can't sleep. Damn him.


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