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2007-04-10 - 11:29 p.m.

The boys were really cute at Easter. I bought fruit leather and cut it up and put it in plastic eggs. Then Dennis hid the eggs. They really enjoys gathering the eggs and putting them in their sweat shirt pockets. Thayne was not as agressive as Kasyl. He wanted the egg opened the minute he found it so that he could eat the candy... Kasyl was about volume. Dennis did not want Rocky and Mysti to bring meat so I had Mysti tell Rocky. He was really mad, but one he made me cry he felt bad and he immediately got over it. I made a lot a great food and all in all I don't think that they missed the meat. It was one of my best Easters in memory. Dennis and I did have a Dan/Rozanne trailer trash fight in front of the boys in the morning, but hopefully we won't do that anymore.
We had a copper wire art contest that Wren won hands down with a spider and web sculpture. Dennis made some sort of hat/crown that looks like something to ward off aliens and Rocky made something dirty. Mysti made a basket, but I think she was frustrated that Wrens was better, Mysti being the artist and all.
I am going to the coast to visit Mysti and Kyle tomorrow, and of course to visit fuel sites. I am bring the family.
The boys will be 3 on Friday. wow.

I love you and miss you Dad.

I miss you Dad.


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