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Yesterday was Halloween and Rocky was Mr. T The boys stayed home. I bought them trucks (a loader, a dump truck, an excavator, and a bulldozer. Thayne was sick and they didn't and wouldn't get dressed. It was a nice evening at home. They went to a halloween party at the green mountain school over the weekend so they had their fill of candy and junkfood. They wouldn't get in costume for that either so I put them in camo pants and the park ranger vests that Theresa bought them. Maaybe next year they will. I carved my garden pumpkin and put a candle in it. The boys kept telling me that the pumpkin was on fire. We had gone to the roloff farms the week before so I guess we had our fill of halloween. :). We ended up watching "babe" the story of babe ruth on video. It was john goodman. He was really good. It was a good movie. Today I picked up my boss at the airport. I am really hoping for a great visit with him. He told me that the seattle field merchandiser needs a kidney transplant, I am really sorry for him. I hope that he gets one. I am so blessed. I miss you and love you dad. Kisses to heaven.


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