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It doesn't look like derek got the job. I could go either way with it, but part of me no longer trusts him and wishes that he did get it.
Mysti and I had a great day yesterday. We went to the dividion office and showed off the twins and then we went to lunch at marie calendars and then over to rocky's to visit and dye her hair. She is really pleased with the results, so that makes me happy. We said goodbye at fredmeyers after I bought some pet food and clothes for the boys. I gave her 120.oo to help her buy clothes for her job search. Today she is hunting with her dad then they went to the casino in north bend. He is such a horses ass I am so very glad that no longer have to deal with him.
Dennis poured the garage slab today. It looks pretty good. I am starting to get excited. Which is good because people have been askinf me if I was excited for a year now and it was getting pretty annoying, now I can say yes. :)
I miss you dad. I love you. Sissy


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