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My boss was here during my birthday week and the visit went well. He left early on my birthday and I stopped to buy groceries before heading home. Rocky had to work and mysti was down on the coast. I called dennis to tell him I was coming home. He had left a message, singing happy birthday to me. He offered to meet me at the theatre and watch a movie with the boys. I stopped and bought healthy snacks and then went to buy the tickets. He didn't show and the movie had started so I called him and he was having a bad time with the boys and kasyl got stung by a yellow jacket. I got a refund in the form of a gift certificate and headed home. Carolyn called and was talking my ear off when dennis broke in in asked me to pick up dog food. I was a little pissed that dennis didn't bother to call me before I bought the tickets and stood waiting like.a jackass. Carolyn said that it sounded suspious and started to tell me this story of a surprise party one of her husbands had thrown for her. I couldn't stand it anymore so I said "I appreciate you trying to make me feel better, but this is NOT a surprise party. Then dennis called again and told me to pick up this carosene heater that I had wanted for my birthday. While I was at it, I bought myself a birthday cake. When I got home dennis was in the house with the boys so he came out and grabbed the heater and I ran in the trailer to go to the restroom. There was this bag of noodles on the counter and I asked dennis about them. He told me that Heidi had brought them. Just another opportunity to talk to my husband. I was really glad I had survived Bruce's visit and was lloking forward to the weekend. When I went into the house Rocky and Mysti and the Twins jumped out with noisemakers and yelled happy birthday! It was a surprise party! It turns out that dennis had been planning it all week. When I went back into the trailer it was incredible what I had not noticed, there was all kinds of food and alcohol, I didn't even look to my left or on the bed. They thought that I knew about it all along because I had told dennis in the morning that I was going to be home early so that didn't give him much time to get my surprise party ready. Of course it was a joke, I never in a million years expected a surprise party! It is such a good man!


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