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2006-10-11 - 10:32 a.m.

The neighbors renegade cows got out and ate ever last leaf of life in my garden. They ate 12 tomatoe plants bursting with tomatoes, 40 stalks of corn, and countless other veggies, leaving only the pumpkins. The devastation was incrediable. They walked around the acerage eating all my fruit trees, grape vines, and flowers.
The neighbor has offered to reimburse me, but I think I am still in shock. Most puzzling of all is: Why don't cows eat pumpkins?
The house is coming along really well, it looks wonderful. Dennis will build the garage in the next week and then move on to the inside. I wish that I could show you my pumpkins dad. I have never grown them before, have you?
I love you.


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