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I have figured out how to get into the web from my blackberry! I am really amazed at how easy it is. It is a lazy Sunday, the rain has started and the twins are getting wrestless. Yesterday morning Kasyl climbed into bed with me while it was still dark and asked "what do elephants eat mommie?" I told him grass and trees and he asked "what do purple elephants eat?" The answer was the same and so he asked "what do white elephants eat?" They are so much fun now that they are talking! Dennis's parents are going to Arizona for the winter today so we went to say goodbye to them last night. We went to a mediterian place called baba fresh that was made to look like baja fresh. It was take out style food on paper plates and plastic bowls. We had the place to ourselves so I went into the restroom and dressed the boys in their pjjs and robes and we had a very nice visit. Thayne was really cute telling his nonnie and poppie "goodbye, I love you!" When we left.
Earlier in the day Kasyl has been stung by a bee on his finger (wasp) and he cried all the way to lake oswego. Thayne was pretty funny at dinner, pretending that he didn't know who was who and saying that dady was in the house and mommie was out in the street.
When we first got to their place ruth was still at church and we watched traffic off of the balconey. We were lucky to see a fire engine with sirens blairing. The boys were really excited and kasyl said "I love this road". He was. Also immitating grampy laughing as he would laugh at his own jokes. It was a really good memory dennis and I gave each other the "high five" on the way home as we were rather pleased with the outcome and pleased with ourselves for having made the effort. I missed you a lot yesterday dad.


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