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2004-07-19 - 11:36 p.m.

Walk all over hell today wearing high heals and carrying twin boys that seemed to weigh a ton.

Finished filing for divorce.

Ron is going to hate my proposed settlement. Wouldn't it be nice if he let it go and in 30 days we were history.

Dennis has not said much about the divorce. He is weird.

He started talking about quitting work again tonight. He warned me that he had too much sugar and would get crabby, boy did he call that right.

No more sugar for that guy... what a pain in the ass.

Went for a marathon walk afterwards, didn't dear mention my aching feet and arms already.. Just walked along in silence. He tried to make it up to me when we got home by helping with the twins. I was distant. I need to be distant.

Kisses to you Dad.


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