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2004-07-18 - 11:39 p.m.

Today was Dennis's Birthday.

We went to breakfast with his mom and Dad and brother and sister in law and their two kids.

Dennis was given a homemade card and $100 dollars from his parents.

His brother gave him a $25.00 dollar gift certificate wrapped in a newspaper hat. It was a nice windfall for him.

I know he will enjoy spending it.

I gave him a pressure washer and a table for his router. He was pretty happy with those gifts. Rocky gave him a dart board and mysti gave him 3 CD's/. One was "fast times at Ridgemont High" (Which I believe he mentioned that he liked before.) Also a really funny gift was a cheezy movie from the 60's "Killer groundhogs" or something like that. Lastly, she gave him his favorite, his hero, Bruce Springstein in concert.

I forgot to give him the cards that I got from me and the boys, I was afraid I would do that....... I'll try to remember tomorrow.

Tomorrow I file for my divorce. YES!

I know that he will fight it, but it is at least the first step.

On Tuesday my niece comes to stay for a week. She is 9, it should be interesting to have her. She seems to desperate. Her mother is a psyco.

I hope that she has a good time.

Hopefully she will be some help with the boys.

Mysti was a little frustrated with how much work they are. I think Rocky enjoys them more than mysti, but maybe I am wrong....maybe not. :)

I have 4 great kids and a wonderful partner. lucky, lucky me.

I love you Dad, stay with me, in my heart, in my mind, in my dreams.


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