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2004-07-20 - 11:12 p.m.

I went to Dennis's work shower for the boys. He works with a lot of nice people. There is one guy named Paul whom is really funny. His boss, George seems to be a great guy also.

I lost the keys to the truck and Dennis called a locksmith, afterward we found the keys in Dennis's back pocket.

The other day he walked 3 miles to the store and back and realized when he got home that he had left the dog.

Tonight he asked me for a glass of water and I brought it to him. He took a drink, set it down, and then asked me for a glass of water.

I don't know what's on his mind.

I wonder if he is starting to worry about himself. I think I would be.

Well, when I met him he told me his short term memory was really bad, but he has excellent long term memory.

I was confused about what that ment, but he just passed his engineers test, which is amazing so I think I understand now. He is like the absent minded professor.

I love him, damn I love him.

Love to you too Dad. Heaven must be a better place since you arrived.



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