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2004-01-03 - 9:14 p.m.

I made it through new years, we stayed up and watched tv. When the ball dropped at times square Dennis ran over to the couch where I was lying and kissed me "Happy New Year!"

He is such a wonderful man.

I have cried a couple of times since christmas, missing my father.

Today I can "see" and feel the babies moving a lot!

My Dr. visit on the 22nd went well.

The babies are both in close size of each other and they have plenty of fluid in their sacks.

I feel pretty good right now, but I know things are about to get harder.

Dennis and I bought some property in

Amboy WA. Dennis is very anxious and he is mapping out the property.

Buildings, pool, plants, animal pens etc.

I was watching him for the longest time and he didn't notice. He is so cute.

He owns my heart.

My relationship with Mysti has gotten a lot better. She is such a joy to be around when she is happy. I do not know what has made her so calm, it is pretty amazing. I hope it keeps up.

Tonight she said on the phone: "I love you a lot mom, don't forget it." That is the most intense thing she has ever said to me, it was pretty amazing.

I love you Dad, I hope you are having a wonderful time with your mother in heaven.


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