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2003-12-25 - 9:43 a.m.

Merry Christmas!

I wish that the phone would ring and it would be my father. How can life go on without him? Last night I was thinking what a wonderful gift it would be if God would let him use the phone and suddenly Mysti started to play his favorite song on the harp - Amazing Grace. Perhaps that is God's way of letting him use the phone.

I had a stressful Christmas eve trying to get everything coordinated. Dennis and I even had a argument over the shape and size of a calculator. It was stupid. Later I could see the pain in his eyes. He tried to make up but I wasn't angry with him and tried to convey that but I think that he still felt bad. He told me this morning that I gave everyone a wonderful Christmas.

He is such a good man. He says things and does things that no one other man would ever imagine that I need to hear.

I think he was made for only me. :)

He tells me that he did not exist until her met me. God bless him.

Pam and Elizabeth spend the evening with us. I know Pam must be in a lot of pain, but I think we got her through it pretty well.

The kids both said it was one of the best Christmas's ever!

Merry Christmas Dad!


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