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2003-06-11 - 1:34 p.m.

Today I saw an ambulance on my way to work and I wondered if it was my father in there.

Of course it wasn't, I received a call from him a hour later requesting that I pick him up from dialysis at 3:00pm or receive a "good old fashioned ass woopin'" (Of course this was a joke.)

I can not believe his spirit to live and the wonderful attitude in which he chooses to go on.

I have spilled way too many tears these last five days and I need to model my life after him.

I am trying as each hour progresses to get a handle on my unfortunate situation and hopefully I will gain strength before I make my situation worse.

Dennis was wonderful last night, he could tell that I was sad and he felt that it was his fault.

He said that our hearts are tied together by a tiny thread and when my heart hurts, his does so in turn.

I love him.


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