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2007-12-20 - 6:13 a.m.

Dennis has been so mean for the last two weeks. Almost anything I say pisses him off. And if I don't say something it pisses him off too. I told him that Friday I was going to try and work "over here" which always means Washington in our conversations so that I don't have to cross the one bridge from Oregon in Friday rush hour traffic. He was instantly pisses and said "where? Thaynes room?" "Your communication sucks!"
Then I sat on his lap a little later and he threw himself onto his back. The body language suggested to me that he did not want me there but hwn I got up he said angrily "why did you move?"
Then when I said that I did not think he wanted me there he got angrier. I bought him. Some new tennis shoes and he said "what am I supposed to do with these?" And I said "Wear them....I can take them back if you don't like them" and he said, once again angry "Where do you get this? Did I say I didn't like them?".
He has to leave the moment I get home each day and drive clear to battleground for something stupid like a bolt. He also drives there during the day. All this in an F250. He is spending a small fortune on gas. My mother thinks he is having an affair.


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