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I can't believe it has been 3 months since I updated my diary. Considering how many years I have been writing in here, it is amazing that I remember every so often. I was in the restroom today and suddenly wondered why they call toilet seat covers, "cowboy hats" This gave me a design idea for a party hat. Difficult to explain in this email, but for a short time while I was peeing I was imagining myself explaining to Oprah how I came up with my wonderful invention while on the toilet. Then I went back to my office and attempted to cut out my hat out of next weeks ad because it was the biggest piece of paper that I could find. I put it on my head and then I couldn't remember where I had put my mirror. When I finally found my mirror I could see that the hat didn't look nearly as good on my head as it did in my imagination. Suddenly realizing that anyone coming into the parking lot could see me through my office window, I tore the hat off of my head and threw it into the garbage and began the mundane task of answering my email.
God save me I think I'm losing my mind.
I'll bet you were laughing your ass off in heaven Dad.
Love you.

When I got home I saw that my husband had built a suspension bridge on the front porch between the boys sandboxes. Actually screwing the bridge into the porch. It is suddenly clear to me where my creativity turrets inspiration might hail from.


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