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Here it is november 17 and the boys are running arouund bare naked. I am sitting in a stack of lumber in my front yard admiring the house. Dennnis is on the garage cutting rafters with a chain saw. He cut one and grabbed his butt in an attempt to make me laugh but I am not laughing. He has given me the silent treatment since noon yesterday and now he wants everything to be normal, but it js my turn to be the silent one. He is always angry when rocky and mysti come over. Makes the holidays something to look forward to. I took the boys to disney on ice last night. With rocky and mysti and wren. The kids were all given magic wrist bands that had a little "lazer" light when you pushed a button. They were instructed by mr incrediable to use their wrist bands to stop the bad guy (I forget hus name). There was something really inspirational about thousands of 3 year olds pointing their magic arm bands to stop the bad guy. They really believed. I gave a presentation to future store managers today and told them that story. If only we could inspire our employees like disney does 3 year olds... I miss you dad. Much love to you in heaven.


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