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2016-07-24 - 7:43 a.m.

I have been managing 130 fuel stations for about 2 years now. I love my job. Over 33 years with the company. We went though a takeover and that was devastating. So many lost their jobs and now we are a new company.
There have been changes at home as well. Dennis seems less stable. He is always complaining that he is being "attacked" or "ganged up on". I don't understand these feelings because they are not part of my life. I can not draw a time from my memory that I felt them. Although I know what he is trying to say but I can't see WHY he feels this way. Perhaps it is from being the youngest child.
Yesterday he was taking 40 MPH curves at 60. I got angry and he said "Stop attacking me." I told him that hewas scaring me. He denied that he was doing anything wrong and went faster. I pulled out my cellphone and told him I was going to call the police on him. This mad ed him s low down bug he kept yelling that I was "crazy" "attacking" and "ganging up".
He seems to only be able to have sympathy and apathy for animsls. His connections to humans are very strained. He tortures people with passive agressive behavior. I hope the boys get out of this unscathed.


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