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2008-12-25 - 10:24 p.m.

Christmas 2008.
Here I am thinking of you again Dad.
I wish that you could be here.
the boys were so much fun.
We are snowed in under 2.5 feet with snow drifts as high as 4 feet.
Dennis and the boys and I went sledding on cedar ridge hill a couple of days ago.
On Christmas eve we opened present under the tree, and then Santa came after the boys went to bed.
We made Kasyl a little "store" and Thayne wanted a kitchen like his brother has, so we were up until 1 in the morning putting that together.
Dennis was a little crabby I could tell, but he held on to it pretty well.
Kasyl was so cute ringing up his groceries today. I sent a photo on my cell phone to Mysti and he is giving the two thumbs up sign. The cash register has a little scanner that beeps and appears real. It registers a price at the same time. I paid 124.00 pretend dollars for a can of corn soup today. :)
Thayne was the Daddy and I was the mommy and I had a baby in the Kart.
Afterward, I took the baby to the "doctor" and she got a check up and a shot. He had an "inner ear" that needed medicine. They checked my inner ear also, but said that it was mostly dark, where as the babys looked like a "tornado".
I am snowed in, so looking forward to playing with them more tomorrow.
When I was putting Thayne to bed, he asked me "What are you going to do tomorrow?" He had asked me at dinner if I worked tomorrow and I told him that I did not think so, but he was checking again. He was very happy to know that I was going to stay home and put his toys together. We still have to put together a roman collusem (sp) and a hot wheels track.
I got Dennis a pole saw, and he got me some gardening things, a cart, and some tools. Also a David Sedaris book on CD that I was wanting a a harmonica with instruction book. Funny thing is, I also got him a harmonica with an instruction book. It would be cool to learn together....but what is the likely hood of that?
I spoke to Rocky and Mysti today. Mysti was in a crap mood, and wondering about the property in Bend. Rocky was in a weird mood, I think because Wren did not get him anything.
Wren is going to have a baby July 14th, or there about. Dennis wants a girl, and of course he wants it on his birthday the 18th. It's interesting how people always want babies born on their birthdays, I don't know why.
I miss you Dad. Merry Christmas.


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