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2007-07-21 - 10:20 p.m.

It's been a long time since -'ve been in here. I'm in bed and typing on my blackberry in my sleep. I have been having ulcer problems but today is a good day. Yesterday was very difficult. I was lightheaded all day. But today I managed to get some food down. Dennis got the deck built for the front steps and i ran after the boys most of the day withoutaccomplishing much. Rocky is on the coast with Mysti because it is ocean festival and they are selling mysti's glass and Wrewns earings. Rocky seems really happy with married life. It must have been what Wren needes to settle down and be nicer, we'll see. I miss you dad, the boys are such a joy. Kasyls favorite color is yellow just like you. Today thayne told me that he wants to ride the yacolt train again and he wants me to buy 4 tickets for everybody..THE Wren and Kyle and Rocky and mysti and rona (verona) and rona can bring popcicles and daddy and kasyl and thayne and THE Mominator. I love them so much!
I took Kasyl today and Dennis took Thayne. I went to Amboy market with Kasyl and Thayne went to the lumber yard with Dennis. I think it was good for them to be apart.


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