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I get this incredible pain in my shoulder and I think that I'm having the big one so I go to the emergency room of the hospital. The next thing I know I have and IV and they give me a blood test for dead heart cells and a blood thinner shot in the stomachn some aspirin and nitro gliserin, and throw in some morphine and oxygen. So I am lying in bed hooked up to a heart monitor and my husband thinks I am at the store buying soy milk.
The admitting nurse asks me if I would like to have a priest visit while I am in the hospital. I say
"Only if I am dying.".
So a shrt while later a woman peeks through the curtain and asks if she can pray for me. I think what the hell, what could it hurt? Then she takes my hand and starts crying. Now I am freaking, I figure I AM dying and they can't even find a priest! Then she starts to blubber what a terrible mother in law she is and I am so freakin releived that she is not crying over me than I start to confort HER. Well I send her on her way. They keep me over night And I find out the next morning that it is an ulcer. Amen. SO NICE TO COME BACK FROM THE DEAD!


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