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I don't know when the last time I updated was. Rocky is getting married on Friday (2/23/07) and he doesn't seem too excited about it. How is a man supposed to feel? Am I supposed to twll him not to do it? I told him he might put it off and he said that he had already tried that. He has lost about 25lb pounds Dad, so I know that will make you happy. I am sitting in the car at the YMCA waiting for Kasyl to wake up so that I can go in and swim. Rocky is going to come by and watch the boys swim. I will give him a card with money then. And a Birthday boy ribbonn which I can totally see him wearing. He is going to LaCenter afterward to play poker. I can't believe that it was 25 years ago today that I had him. I hope that I make it another 25 years to say the same of the twins. I love you Dad. Kisses to you.


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