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Saru San is an amazing writer, with a great, sarcastic sense of humor. if you get a chance check him out. I would love to have this guy living next door to me. I would borrow shit from him all the time just to hear him rant.
Speaking of rant, it the middle of the f- king night and I can't sleep. I I
Opened a new fuel station today and some little weezle ass new store coordinater had the nerve to give me shit for not being on my site all week. Well, untilit is my job to frame, sheetrock, and paint the building- I will continue to begin my portion of the work when the building is turned over. I am still pissed at the fuker. (Spelling errors intentional so that I.T. Flags don't go off on my blackberry. Christ I am so pissed. I told him that he did not need to worry about the fuel team... He made some vague threatening comment about not going there. I am not going to be happy until I have his bloody balls in my teeth. Now to plan my revenge...
As usual and predicted, the fuel station opened on time without a hitch. Never mind that I have opened 25 of these in 7 years you egotistical prick... Never once late, always 6 hours or less after the hand off. I don't know how I did it without you up to this point... Shitttt I am mad! I guess I'll get dressed and do some X mas shopping at the 24 hour WalMart, forgive me for this assult on the economy and free trade.


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