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2005-09-30 - 10:23 p.m.

Dennis and I had words about the new house today. He suggested that we not build the house we purchased the plans for, but rather make a little two room house. He is so caught up in just wanting to build something that he doesn't really care what his family wants or needs. He is like a kid. I didn't go through all this crap to get financing and choosing a plan just so that he could scrap it when the going gets difficult. He said that he bought a book on framing. Now that scared me and I through it up in his face today. How could he have ever thought he could learn to build a house from a book? The man is a freaking nut sometimes. And he absoulutely will not listen to reason.
I got a general contracter that is willing to let him do most of the work, but still that is not good enough.
Dad, you were the voice of reason, wisper in Dennis's ear would you?
I love you.


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