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2005-07-19 - 1:59 p.m.

My boss called to tell me he's coming into town in August. He asked me to recommend a hotel. Which I did. Then he goes on to tell me how jealous of my husband he is. That he wishes that my boys were his. Same old stuff. Doesn't this man know there are rules against this? What planet is he from?
I got Dennis a hot air balloon ride for his birthday yesterday.
The chase vehicle driver asked me to ride with him. I told him that I could not because I had two babies in my car.
He said "Well you can't blame a guy for trying" what kind of crap is that?
I think he is being nice, practical, even professional - perhaps the ride is part of the service, and he is hitting on me? We never even said two words to each other, or got within 100 feet of each other and he's throwing that out there. I am telling Dennis my thousand reasons why this bugs me and he says:
"What about, because you are married?"
Always about him.... :)

Dennis loved the ride. I also had a kite surfing lesson scheduled for him, but the board shop called back and some young dumb girl said "They schedule no wind for tomorrow, so your appointment has been canceled." hummmm... how could they forget to schedule wind? Do they think God is going to take let them have wind with no notice?

Any who... Dennis is looking forward to the delayed lesson as soon as the surf shop can schedule some wind. By the way, they made no offer to refund my money for their terrific mistake.

My son Rocky is off work with a hurt back, but he thinks he will be good in a couple of days. My daughter of off work with "a lung infection" probably got it from too much pot.
My princess is a hypercondriac (sp) but Rocky is never sick.
Interesting that they should both be calling in sick at the same time 300 miles apart.

Dennis sold the house and hasn't been able to sleep since. He sure sucks with the stress factor. I should help him get over it, but I don't want to get into dealing with business with him. He sucks at it, and I am an overbearing type A. If we start to do business together all is sure to fail.

Ex husband is being audited and he wants 3 years taxes from past from me.
I really hate that I am still dealing with him.

These are all minor problems though and I know it. All in all, if chocolate was a low calorie food, life would be darn near perfect.

I still miss you dad. I have been thinking about taking your DNA from your old clothes and having you cloned.
Then I could raise YOU this time. :)
I know that makes you laugh!

Love sissy


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