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2005-05-16 - 6:22 p.m.

Dennis and I got married when we were in Lake Tahoe. (I was there for business.) It was a confidential marriage on a hill by the lake.
It was nice.
I'm ok with it. We "unbastardized" the children.
I'm sitting here looking at his stack of bills and wondering if I made the right decision. Before I married him I had no bills. Am I now legally obligated? I guess I should have asked that first.
Well since I am the only one with a paycheck, I guess you could say I will be the one paying the bills off.

The house is an absolute pig pen. Dennis expects me to walk in the door and start cleaning and cooking.

He has a damn good life doesn't he?
Now he's downstairs working on the basement, and I have the shit work to do.
Yesterdays meal for the babies is still on the floor.


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