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2005-04-28 - 9:42 p.m.

Dennis is acting weird. I think being Mr. Mom is wearing on him. Thayne has an ear infection and both boys are getting to be a lot of work. He calls me all day at work asking me when I am coming home. It is really frustrating. Then, the moment I come home he is running off. There is no family time. He asks me what is for dinner... and did I feed the dog... and I am left alone with the boys.

Rocky went to work with me - bring your child to work day. He was able to meet the two women that are hiring for the job he wants. He performed magic for them. It was awesome.

Dad, help him out with this one. He could really use this job.

He told me that he could be a father in 8 months 27 days. I guess that means he had sex with Wren.

I hope that he knows what he is doing.
She seems like a wonderful girl.

I love you and miss you dad.
send me a sign.
kisses to heaven.


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