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2005-04-13 - 10:06 p.m.

Dearest Dad,

The twins turned one today.
You would have so much fun with them.
I am so terribly sorry that you did not live to see them.
I pray that you can see them now.
I have to hold on to that.
They will have a party on Saturday.
Today Dennis and I took them to toys r us to choose some toys that they wanted. Dennis was a good sport, but I could tell when he had enough.
Then when we got home he said... is that all they got? As if he wasn't there. They got a little plane for $5 and one of those popcorn machines from fisher price that they push around $9 and a little peoples Ferris Wheel $15.
I told Dennis that it was the least I have ever spent for a birthday. He said "really?" like he was surprised, but the truth is, his parents have always given his $200 since I knew him. So he doesn't have it so bad.
He really is a mystery to me sometimes.
I got Mysti a job at Safeway, she just has to pass the UA. She is pretty nervous. I hope it all works out.
I was not so nice to Rocky when he visited yesterday, I was giving him a hard time about not comitting to his girlfriend. I am sorry now, and want to talk to him but he is busy. Hopefully I will get to apologise tomorrow... it was none of my business.
Dennis can be such a snob when rocky or mysti come they are invading his privacy. And they are nothing but nice to him. Always bringing him things.
My little boys are so sweet.
I can still see them walking around toys r us checking out the toys... it was really cute.
Thank you for them God. What a miracle they are.
I love you and miss you dad.


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