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2005-03-28 - 8:49 a.m.

I have been unable to get into diaryland from my home computer. I was on vacation last week and lost the baby on Wednesday. It was an unbelievable blood bath for two hours while I layed on the bathroom floor and prayed for the pain to end. When I knew I was going to lose the baby I decided I would do so at home. I didn't want another "autopsy" performed without my permission, and the baby disposed of- God knows how. So on Saturday I purchased a cherry tree and Dennis and I went out to the property and burried the baby and planted the tree on top.
I wrapped it in a towel and a baby cloth that belonged to his twin brothers. Dennis said "We are sorry that you did not even get a chance little guy." and then burried him.
I cried, as I am now.

Lana walked into my office to tell me that they have hired another construction manager (Dennis applied) and it is another friend of Nancy Harps.
Nepatism is alive an well at Safeway.
Dennis applied for this job, and they sent him an email on Friday to tell him he would hear about an interview soon.
What a bunch of unprofessional crap.

Any way... she is gone now, and more importantly, I wanted to talk about the baby. Dad please take good care of him in heaven. I pray our little girl is with you also, I love you all.


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