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2005-02-07 - 1:43 p.m.

In 1993 Dad traded me 10 acres for a small fishing boat with a motor.
It is in the Bend Desert. There is not road access - it runs along the highway. It is zoned a wildlife refuge (Jack Rabbits?) and is in a 100 acre floodplain along with being zoned for mining. (What ever that means.)
There used to be no electricity or water there. Now power poles line the property and 3.2 miles down the road is a water works station. (although I am not sure if this means anything.)
When I went to transfer it into my name, and my husband at the time.. (who felt that the property was his because he felt the boat was his based on gender.... I bought the boat with my tax refund.) ....when i went to transfer it - I discoverd that my mothers name was still on the property.
My father said that he got everything in the divorce, so I sent for a copy of the divorce.... it said that they were to split it equally.
Well, later it comes to light that he had her sign a power of attorney so that he could gain control of everything. Problem is, he never transferred the property into just his name. The reason is... he thought it was automatically taken care of. (quote)

So now he is gone, the paper he signed is useless, however, now the property is spit 1/2 carolyn; 1/4 Pam; 1/12 Cherlyn; and 1/12 Glen; 1/12 me.

Ron wanted the property in the divorce and since it doesn't look like that will work out, he has asked that I sign off my share to him - i said I would sign it off to the kids.
So now, it look like it will be:
1/2 Carolyn; 1/12 Glen; 1/12 Cherlyn;
1/4 Pam and 1/24 Mysti and 1/24 Rocky.
Could that be?

Now the value of the property is 2300.00 taxes and market value of 6000.

Should it fetch top price:
$3000. carolyn; 1500. Pam; 500 Glen; 500 Cherlyn; 250 Rocky; 250 Mysti.

The taxes are $30.00 a year - which I have paid since 1993.
$15 Carolyn; 7.50 Pam; $2.50 Glen; $2.50 Cherlyn; and 1.25 Rocky and 1.25 Mysti.

Wow, this is fun!

I don't know how you feel about all of this Dad, but hopefully it is a funny from heaven as it is from here!

I love you,


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