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2005-02-04 - 9:10 p.m.

Today was Dennis's last day of work.
He seems happy. I am really depressed.
I watched him bring home the shit from his office and I asked him how he felt.
He said great. It would depress me to no end to be in his shoes. My God he is naive.
I miss you Dad. I really wonder what you would say to this.
I think I worked out the details of my divorce today- but not without yelling at Ron's lawyer.
The guy is a stupid ass.
I fucked up the DVD drive on the computer. I find that depressing too.
I guess I'm off to bed to have or have/not sex with my newly unemployed lover.
(He still doesn't know we are no longer getting married - I wonder if he cares.)
Suprisingly, I received Aunt Ruby and Pam's support on not marrying him.
Pam is so silly, she told me to "Threaten him" I'm afraid it too late for that!
I love you DAD.
I love you Dad.


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