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2004-12-26 - 10:18 a.m.

I have survived two Christmas's without you. Where are you and what are you thinking?

Christmas eve eve was wonderful. Dennis's parents were over and Rocky, Kyle and Mysti came. I gave Mysti a sewing machine and Rocky a microwave.
Mysti also go a fur scarf and $100 gift certificate for WalMart. I wanted her to be able to buy material to sew. I just bought the present on impluse and Kyle said that she was wanting one! I couldn't believe it and neither could she when she saw it.
She asked me if she had told me...
I was glad this gift was successful.
Dennis joked that we were going to start our own sweat shop in the basement and although she was not Chinese, being 1/4 Japanese should be close enough. We had this brainstrom to make baby bibs.
Dennis's parents really enjoyed Rocky's sense of humor and his talent for Martini's. There was so much laughter it will be remembered as one of the best Christmas's ever. We even talked about you Dad. It was nice to bring to into it.
We told the birthday hat story. I love you. Love never dies.

On Christmas eve I was feeling sorry for myself because Dennis had not bought me anything. But he walked in the door with bags and bought me everything that I had mentioned! What a wonderful man.
Mixing bowls and photo albums and an address book. He bought me a barbie calendar! And gum, which he hates. :)

I bought him a nail gun and a wallet and clippers for his hair. Stevie RAy Vaugh. etc.

On Christmas day I mad Salmon and Ham and Ruby and George came over, along with Rocky, Mysti and Kyle. Ruby and George left early and Rocky had to be at work at 5. After Mysti and Kyle went home Dennis and I went to Bob and Lynn's and Had an amazing cake Nonnie made. We opened presents for the boys and brought presents for their kids.
It was a really nice time.

The holiday was endless and I was happy to get the dead tree down this morning. I am kind of looking forward to moving to the trailer. This surprises me.

AND.... Thayne started to crawl on the 22 and by the 25th was pretty good at it. Kasyl doesn't seem too interested at this point.

Life is good.


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