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2004-12-17 - 4:01 p.m.

I work for an idiot.
He came for his yearly visit and he is dumber than the last time that I saw him. He is focused on the chips and pop in the kiosk and those are not our sales. I tried to explain to him that our only sales are fuel, the other items belong to another department.
He doesn't get it.
He never once discussed sales or anything pertinent to fuel.
He spent the time on his cell phone making personal calls.
He doesn't understand the sales reports and doesn't have the interest or patience to learn them.
I feel so alone in the world.....
I told him about an asshole that I work with and he drew the conclusion that I don't get along with anyone.
That really made me mad!
Did I mention that I used to date my boss before he was my boss? What an asshole. I mentored him to get this job and he has not grown at all.


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