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2004-12-03 - 9:09 p.m.

The boys went to bed early, I guess that means that I'll be up at 2 a.m feeding them again. It is nice to have the quiet. They were whiney all day long. It was a little nerve racking. If they weren't so cute I would eat them.

My oldest called and said that he rear ended someone while eating a KFC twister. He said the the other car sped off. Pretty lucky for him. The funny part is, someone rear ended me on monday. The woman told me that she "rolled" into me. Problem with that is that it was up hill. She hit me so hard that it knocked my hair out of the hair clip.
My back hurt for three days.

My daughter called and said that her clutch went out. Irritiating thing about this is.. I have been telling her for three months to go to the clutch doctor and get a quote. I told her that I would pay, but she insisted that it was her transmission. When she called tonight I said... well good thing you have gotten so much money lately.... referring to her child support checks and the 550.00 I gave her for her birthday. I've decided not to pay for it since she chose to be stubborn.

It's a little more complicated than that ... She asked me to talk to some guy that saw her driving down the highway and called her number off her "for sale" sign. On one hand she tells me that he calls her non stop and wants to flirt, but then she tells me he is legitimatly interested in the car and wants to buy it. She want me to talk to him about the car.
This is what I can say to him. I paid 6500.00 for the car. Bought it for her for her 16th birthday. She was 20 December 1st... So she has driven it for 4 years, I have never driven it.
So.... I would think that she would be the best source of information.
She told me once that she was going to sell it for $500. I looked it up in the blue book and it said 3800. So I told her not to sell it for $500. or I would buy it.
When she is trying to manipulate me into talking to this guy she screams..
"I don't know anything about the car, and I don't know how much you want for it." I was silent for a very long time and then said (trying to hold back the sarcasam) "I didn't realize that the money was going to me."
And she was silent for a long time, then said. "I am calling Dad." and hung up on me.
Well... she calls me 10 minutes later crying. He just started to scream at her she says.
So I call him and ask him to be kind to her and he says: "She told me that you would not help her, that her car has problems and you are leaving her stranded, you bought her that car, I can't talk to anyone about the car, I don't know a fucking thing about the car, why is she fucking bothering me.
You are a bitch, and I told her to be careful or she would be a bitch like you." Then he proceeded to tell me that I was fat and that my crotch stinks. So I told him... 'you need to get over me... clearly you are still madly in love with me or you would not be angry...." each time I told him this he got even more upset. It was very funny. I only regret not reminding him that he was fat too...
And that his ass stinks...


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