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2004-11-25 - 9:32 p.m.

I just survived my second Thanksgiving without you Dad.
I hope you heard me wish you a happy Thanksgiving when I went outside and looked up at the moon.
Are you out there?
I can't believe I am still waiting for you to come back.
Am I going to cause my children this much pain when I die? I really hate to think so. Do you miss me? I hope you don't, I hope you don't feel any sadness. There can't be sadness in heaven can there?
It was a horrible Thanksgiving.
Dennis spent the whole day upstairs on the computer. He came down for dinner and to do a little gift exchange because Pam will be gone for Christmas.
I bought 15 small gifts and we played a game where you open one and then trade someone... that I think was fun for everyone.
I spent my Thanksgiving with my stepmonster... wow... I spent Thanksgiving my with stepmonster... how pathetic is that?
Mysti kept text paging me because her father was driving her crazy. The one good thing in life right now is that Kyle and Mysti seem happy and Rocky is in love.
My twins are so cute and sweet...
(counting my blessings...)
Come home dad. I have to talk to you.
Love sissy.


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