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2004-10-16 - 11:23 p.m.

I 25 minutes it wil be October 17th.
1 year from the day I lost my father.
I can not believe that I have made it a year without him.

It seems like he is still here.
Death is so unfair... or it is Life that is unfair and death is fair in that it comes to everyone?

Rocky will come over tomorrow to watch football with us. He is sad as I am I know. Mysti did not want to talk about it. She is horrible about facing pain.

Tonight we voted together. She was a little annoying, but cute all the same.
She and Kyle brought a toy for the boys.
It was a music center from fisher price (a piano with a dancing monkey on top.)
It was very cute and very sweet of them.

I love you Dad, I wish you could come home.



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