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2004-08-10 - 1:44 a.m.

The house in winchesterbay sold.

To help make the blow easier to the kids I am giving them each 2500.00 to get out of debt. They probably will use it for something else, but this is their chance, we'll see.

It went for 10k above the asking price, cash, so I will have the money in two weeks. I told Ron I would not sign to sell if he didn't make good on back rent.

He was a real asshole as usual and said that he wouldn't pay a thing, but then I swung into action with some advice my mother gave me:"When he's an asshole, be a bigger asshole" "When he is mad, get madder!" I really scared him.

He called today to say that he wanted to go with the divorce paperwork #1 presented to him over a year ago.

I told him that it was no longer valid because of the dates, but he didn't get it. I know now that he is afraid of losing his stuff (another bit of advice my mother gave me, when he threatens to take me to the cleaners, treaten to take his stuff: his truck, trailer, tools, etc)

He is going to be really surprised to find that he has to pay child support for mysti.

Boy is he going to be pissed!

I have to remember to get mysti to sign up for classes.

Well, hopefully I am divorced soon!

I love you Dad, I thought of you alot today.

Dennis was upset that I was feeding the babies food and I didn't share that information with him, he really wants to be involved and I don't know how I could have been so insensitive to that!

He seemed a little moody today, and spoke about giving two weeks notice.

My heart just falls when he does that because I want to have money, he doesn't understand how bad shit will get when he is building this house, but I have been through it before. God help us!

'night dad.

PS it was mom's birthday today so I sent her flowers from you.


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