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2004-08-04 - 2:19 a.m.

Dennis's parents have been in town for a month. His mother is so crazy about the twins. His parents take up a lot of my time coming over to see the twins, but I understand how important it is for family to be close. Dennis on the other hand, doesn't like them coming. He makes all kinds of snide remarks. They came clear from Arizona to get to know the twins and it's like he resents it. He is almost mean to them. Yesterday they came to say goodbye and I asked if they were going to be here long enough to say goodbye to Dennis, they said they would stop at the job site to see him. I didn't think this was a good idea, but who am I to say that to a couple of 76 year olds? I told them I would call Dennis to tell him they were coming. Well, they left immediately and when I called him he yelled at me for not calling while they were there. I am so pissed at him.


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