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2004-07-28 - 12:23 a.m.

"You know I have a diary, I have fifteen hundred. You should come to my house someday and see my diarys. I mean the books, not what is in them.

Because I have , I wrote a lot of love stuff. HOw can you type without looking that is what my mom does. one time I was trying to do what my mom was ding and I wrote a keyboard and wasn't looking. It's cool. I have seventeen hundred diaries, I didn't know that I was going to collect them but I did. Oh well. And don't write anything mean about me, becausse I hope I am not mean to you, am I? That's good. YOu might be wiritng something about me, but I know that I am not mean. So.. what are you writing about? I have a diary that says cutie, cutie pie. One tiem I started this coloring and I said this is going to be my idary. I worte aobut ten sotries, they are not erassed. . It's about a girl sometimes, should I be a book person someday, I think that I was... I am going to see if it is red still (yeast infection) It was but it is not still. Can you make me have a diary shawn? I would like to have a diary. I have this thing that is a whole screen, but it is not the same as mine. Do you want me to bring the cheese and crackers over here? This cheese doesn't look like there is a lot on there but there is. I saw yo typing so I thought I would give you one.

(crunch, crunch, crunch, smack, smack, giggle) See like, I know this one, it always starts at the bottom, it is a two or a three. (pointing to keyboad numbers) Did I say this one? It was a three, that's good work. Here ( handing me cracker) Are you full? How could you be full? I always get really tired but I wait for you? Because I always sleep with you and I am afraid you will not go to sleep with me if I go to sleep. IT is not just that, it's that I stay awake with you because I want to do what you do. (crunch, crunch) People think tha second grade is a really high grade to be in but I don't think it is, it is a low grade.

(crunch, crunch) It's so cute, I think it was baby Kasyl (smack smack) he was,

he went... (mumble, mumble) I wrote don't look. That is my favorite subject in class, writing, I don't even like recess and I ask my teacher if I can stay in sometimes, and sometimes she says yes. I stay in to write becasue I love writing. (crunch, humming)

Oh kay, God shawn you sure do write long in your diary, it's a long diary. (giggle, giggle) That's funny, it's ok

i can't read from this far away, I have bad eyes and bad ears. I forgot my checking account and they just looked at them, I never even set one up for my ears. So trust me I am not even going to read it, but if you smile at me I know that you want me to. I am just kidding. I am going to color or write.

What day is it? Is it, we have only two more days until july is out, then it will be october? Halloween already. It's almost the end of the month. I don't know when to go back to my mom.

I think last night i said that i can make it four more days. So I might want to make it four more days. I love it here I don't know when to go back.

I love you and your babies and all the fun that we have. I live with my mom and I know what it's like. I want a bigger house for us. Ther is this girl outside that wants to play but she is a brat. This place is smaller, We jave 3 bedrooms. It's like here is one bedroom and here is another bedroom and here is my mom, and here is her exit right here and our living room has so many chairs that you can't even walk. We have no friends or neighbors outside we only have these japanese people that we can't understnd what they said. Are you almost done? Whenever my mom comes we are going to go to pac sun and we are going to go camping and we are going to go in the raft. I think barbie dolls are ok but I don't really like them. Does Mysti like barbie dolls? I have a few that my brother will kill, he colored on one ripped one's leg off, he has ADHA. He ripped one's hair off, no... we cut her hair, never mind. Do you want me to pick up the table with my mouth? Did you feel that? My jaw almost fell off.... Iwas all... Do you want to go to bed or do you want to stay here. I want to go to bed, but I can't go to bed until you go to bed, I can't go to bed without you.

(she got up and went to the bed.)

I love you shawn


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