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2004-07-26 - 12:23 a.m.

Carnivors just don't understand.

When you tell them that you are Veg they can't possibly fathom what you eat.

I eat everything ok? Millions of things.

Just nothing that someone killed in a slaughter house? Nothing that had to bleed to death and suffer, ok?

If you invite me to dinner you don't have to fix anything special unless you are on the atkins diet - I will FIND something on the table that I can eat OK? So chill. It's not that big a deal.

Go about your life the same as you were and I will adapt, you don't have to shape a turkey out of tofu to please me.

I don't need a meat substitute _ I just leave that course out completely.

If I was a child and didn't want to eat my spinich, would you be running around trying to find a spinich substute? NO

You would just leave that place blank on my plate - Do that with the meat too, ok?

Dennis's parents don't even get it and he had been veg for 15 years! What is so difficult to understand?

I don't need a substitute for dead meat, I just need that part of my plate to be free for more salad.

It's not that I love animals, it's that I hate vegtables and I want to see them all dead!


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