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2004-05-22 - 1:31 a.m.

I now how two beautiful twin baby boys

Thayne Bailey Robert; and Kasyl Aiden Glen. They are sweeter every day.

They were born April 13th.

My relationship with Dennis has changed a little. He was extremely helpful at first but now, not so much.

We don't make love very often.

He doesn't tell me I'm beautiful as much, (but still says it.) He doesn't tell me that he loves me as much.

And he is a little nit picky about little things, making comments about the house not being as clean. etc.

But worst of all, an ex lover called him tonight and it was as if he was talking in code to her. He mentioned that he had twin sons, but did not mention me at all.

When I confronted him, he said all of the right things, but then he went to bed early. (The sleep of the guilty.)

I miss my father, I wish God would let him use the phone.


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