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2003-08-10 - 12:18 a.m.

I went to the dog track with my boyfriend and my son tonight.

We met my sister there with her husband and three teen age daughters.

It was my step monsters birthday.

Even though my father is in the hospital he insisted that we still go on without him. It was her 60th birthday. She look pretty darn good for 60, you would think she was in her late 40's or early 50's.

She was a little quiet.

My father had me pick up a card and some flowers for her from him.

I called him while I was at the store and read the cards over my cell phone until he found one that he liked. He can be so romantic. :) Then I went to the flower department and described the flowers until he found what he wanted.

I was very glad that there were cell phones and that he could be a part of the gift selection from a hospital bed.

At the dog track we called him a couple of times so that he could hear how things were going.

My sister from Kansas was running some dogs tonight and we could bet her dogs from the multnomah track.

One of her dogs won and my step monster made $60. Then my nieces, who are too young to bet gave my son a couple of tips and he bet them and made $430.00 he gave them each $80. Dennis and Rocky got a little drunk. It was nice to be out with them. I had a good time even though I didn't win a single race.

Life is pretty good, too bad my father is in the hospital.. if he was there it would have been perfect.

I took some photos and I plan to take them to him tomorrow.

While I was at the hospital with him earlier today my step mother was lying in his bed and he was sitting up in a chair. She fell asleep and he held a sign next to her that said: "She's the sick one!" and it had an arrow pointing to her. I took a picture while she was still asleep. Then he held a sign that said: "I love Pam." I printed both photos and gave them to her tonight at the track. Everyone had a good laugh.

She said that she thought that she saw a flash once when she was falling asleep. :)

Hang in there Dad... I love you.

Happy Birthday Step monster.


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