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2003-05-24 - 8:46 p.m.

Today I took my father to pick up his chickens at the butcher. He raises them from little cute fluffy balls and in eight weeks they are on his dinner table.

My son went along for the ride and struck up a conversation with the butcher. He noticed that he was dying some turkey feathers pink...

The butcher told him that he also owned the "pink feather" bar and that they gave the feathers away for a novelty item. Such an interesting marriage eh? I wonder what came first, the foul killing business or the bar?

My Dennis, is such a wonderful person. He makes me happy when ever I see him, or talk to him.

He is funny and kind.

It seems silly to call him my boyfriend, when I feel that is a title reserved for young girls to use when describing their love.

"gentleman friend" on the other hand, is for old women. I think that I will refer to him as "My Dennis" from now on.

I hope that I am with him for a long time, he brings me such happiness.

Back to the chicken killing bar owner: He offered my son a job. My son is a bartender during the day at a nice hotel, he plans to work for this gentleman at night. The kid went from being a couch potatoe to having TWO jobs... amazing.


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